The Original Hose
That Grows

Stop Wrestling Your Flimsy Hose!

Get a Grower not a Shower, a Flexible Never-Tangle Garden Hose that triples in size when turned on, and shrinks when turned off for easy storage.

Designed for Versatility

Whether you’re watering plants, washing your dog or cleaning the car, our expandable garden hose gets the job done. It’s all thanks to an 8-pattern nozzle, which allows you to quickly switch between different spray modes.

Lightweight & Convenient

Weighing just a fraction of a standard sprinkler hose, the Flexi is incredibly easy to maneuver for users of all ages. And because it boats a comfortable stretch, it provides a much greater reach.

Great for Any Job

Made with solid 3/4" brass connectors and double latex pipe, our flexible garden hose delivers long-lasting durability! Leaks and kinks are problems of the past, ensuring frustration-free use.

Perfectly Expandable

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