Flexi Hose 4-Way Garden Hose Connector - Faucet Adapter Attaches 4 Hoses to 1 Spigot - Features Easy-Grip Copper-Plated Faucet Connector and Easy-Turn Flow Control Valve Tabs

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  • 2-WAY GARDEN HOSE SPLITTER: Adapt 1 spigot to provide 2 water sources; control valves allow you to use 1 or 2 hoses and control the water flow from each; instantly double your reach in the garden
  • U.S. STANDARD-SIZED FITTINGS: The copper-plated connector with plastic grip twists easily onto any standard ¾-inch threaded spigot; 2 Y-valve connector outlets fit standard ¾-inch garden hose inlets
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Turn the easy-grip faucet connector ring until the 2-way garden hose manifold is securely mounted on the spigot threads; turn on the water and adjust the flow with the valve tabs
  • EFFICIENT GARDENING: This 2-way heavy-duty faucet adapter turns 1 faucet into 2; attach sprinklers to both watering hoses or use a sprinkler on 1 and a nozzle on the other to save time and work
  • NO MORE HASSLES: Forget about constantly switching hoses or watering accessories; connect 2 hoses using this unique Y garden hose connector with high-volume valves for maximum water flow
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