Vorfreude Floor Mop Reusable Microfiber Pads - 2 Pack - Machine Washable & Reusable 25cm x 40cm Microfiber Pads for Cleaning Dry or Wet Floors (2 Pads Total)

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  • This official Vorfreude spray mop microfiber pad can be used with the full spray mop set to quickly switch between cleaner types or floor types. The loop fibers instantly attach to the Vorfreude Velcro hooked bottom.
  • The machine washer safe and reusable pad doesn't go into the garbage each time cleaning is complete, saving our Earth from excessive waste. This cloth pad can also clean with pure water or natural cleaning solutions.
  • The durable cleaning pads can be washed in a standard washer and dryer over 1000 times.
  • It's safe and effective for all floor types. The Superfine microfiber cloth is easy on floors yet removes stubborn spots and dirt. It decontaminates 3 times more effectively than cotton.
  • Reusable & replaceable microfiber pads for use with the Vorfreude Floor Map with Spray.
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